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Today is the 6th of July.
Earth is at its furthest point away from the sun today.
For those of you who believe that the Earth orbits the sun in a perfect circle: Hahahaheheehahahohohahaheehehahoahoahaheh
Anyway, because we are at our furthest away from the sun on the elliptical orbit, stellar physics also tells us that our planet is also at its slowest speed of orbit. On the day that we are closest to the sun (in December), we are also swinging past the sun at our fastest.
Granted, our orbit is not so elliptical that we really notice any of this. In fact, our elliptical orbit is fairly close to a circle. I don't remember our ratio, but it's very small, pretty close to 0. A circle's elliptical ratio is 0.

Well, I didn't have much else to say right now. bye

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