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I was told I wasn't posting enough about my house searching.
It's still going on.

I've looked at a number of houses with my aunt. She likes doing the looking part, and I don't really mind because I'm asleep during the first half of daylight hours anyway. So she can call me after noon and tell me what she's found, and then we can look at some that she knows I would be interested in. I don't really have time to make a lot of calls because these people sleep at night (weirdos).

I have enough to put a 10% down on a 150k house. I've been pre-approved for a 145k loan with a 5% down, so I'm fairly certain that I can go higher now that I have what I have.

I still have to fill out my loan application. Depending on the house I finally decide on and its cost will determine if I will need my aunt to co-sign. But at this time, my credit rating is above 700. In fact, my middle credit rating (of 3) is 718, and my high is 722. I didn't see my low, but it's above 700 as well. Banks look for anything higher than 680. Absolute max, I'm told, is 900, and almost no one can get that, except maybe your housecat who is pre-approved for a credit card, or something like that. heh

Even though I seem to be having my aunt do a lot of the searching, it's still a lot of work on my part, too. I'll be the one who decides which houses to make an offer on. It is, after all, going to be my house. So far, I've only seen one which is in my price range that got me anywhere excited, but I had to squelch that when I found out the house did not have a foundation. Bummer! Gah! I did see a couple of houses that also would be perfect, except they were asking too much. They were houses I could think about later, after I have owned one for a few years, if I decided to sell and go bigger, but they wouldn't be good as starter houses. Not for me, anyhow.

Actually, I'm kind of glad that my aunt is the one who is talking to all these people first, screening them, weeding them out. I always feel bad later when I've talked to someone for a while and gotten to know them a little bit, then decide not to continue doing business. But that's what it is, after all, a business. And that's what has to be done. I don't know why that happens to me. Maybe I should blame that on my mom for not teaching me how to keep from doing that. Does that sound good? -- Oh, hi mom! heh

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