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Good morning!
Okay okay, I know it's after noon, but, I just woke up a bit ago, feeling a lot better today than I have for the past couple of days. I slept well.

I went to the union steward meeting on Wednesday, got to yell a little bit and tell them that I think some of their ideas are bullshit. That made me happy. Granted, they had an answer for everything I said, so I'm certain they've heard my arguments before.

I watched some of the fire works through my window last night... kinda depressed me a bit, thinking how we're still celebrating our independence, yet we're still fighting for our way of life. We shouldn't have to still be fighting. Those people who don't like our way of life, our culture, should just ignore us. Bin Laden would have been far better off not wasting his time and energy thinking up ways to make our lives miserable. He should have been using his time to do more constructive things. Too bad, it's too late for that now.

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