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things seem to be going badly this month...
first, my cable modem is still fucked up, until the 9th, when they tell me I need to rent one of theirs or buy a new one--I'm sure they'll say this one is a crappy model, or something like that.
next, my battery light on my truck went off today, which means my battery isn't charging. so, I open the hood, check the battery water, which is, of course, low. I add water, and drive around a bit more to see if it'll start recharging now. doesn't seem to be. fortunately, I have two spare car batteries and also the one from the boat I can always 'borrow' if I had to. I also just happen to have a battery charger for car batteries.
and third, my love life isn't getting any better. no, I'm not going to switch sides to double my chances--yes, I do know that there are a couple of you hoping that I will. sorry guys. hehehe that sounds funny coming from my fingers--no don't take offense, I'll still talk to you and hang out. just not any of that other stuff.
cody was sick yesterday, so we didn't go out on the boat. well, she didn't go out on the boat. I did. got lost in the sloughs for about an hour. found some neat (hidden--sorta) places to take people and go skinny-dipping.
I wanted to take my mom and aunt out on the boat today, but they said that everyone and their mother will be out on the water and I won't have a place to park. I shouldn't have listened... today was a good day to go out on the water. I could still be there, too.
I did take my mom to see Men In Black II. if you haven't seen it yet, don't bother. the first one was far better. granted, the movie does have some funny places, but it just wasn't put together very well. You know how you see all the best scenes in the trailers (ads)... well, that's pretty much true of MIB2. sorry kids.
okay, I think imma have a few beers and wait for sun down to watch the firecrackers go off over my head.
I wonder how many idiots were killed today in this city with their fucked-up driving skills. don't ever move here and be a day person; these people do not know how to drive.

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