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Went to a party tonight instead of out to the lake to watch fire-works.
Lotsa swimmin'.
I finally lit up my fire juggling clubs for the kiddies... so my clubs are no longer virgins to fire.
It was fun.
I said one inappropriate thing about one of my friends, just making a joke. I could see in her eyes that she was upset for just a few seconds. She seemed to be okay after a bit, because when it was time to eat, she called me over to sit with her and her family. I still feel like I need to call and apologize. I wanted to do it tonight, but never got the chance to pull her aside from her kids. She has known me for about 12 years, so she knows I'm joking, but she didn't realize that the guy I was talking to also knew I was joking. So I could see that some adrenaline rushed through her for a moment. I embarassed her. Not a good thing to do.
So guys, take that as a lesson... no embarassing your friends, even if you're just joking around.

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