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Discussion at work about America's school system.
Teachers have become baby-sitters. How?
Teacher tries to talk about a subject.
Several students don't understand something.
One of those may talk or fall asleep.
Teacher has to interupt flow of lesson to take care of one student.
Others get irritated, and one of these may disrupt class even further.
It continues, class ends, half (or less) of lesson plan is skipped.
Same thing next day.
Is it the teacher's fault? Is it the students' faults?
What about the parents? What happens when the kids come home from school?
First thing most want to do is run off and play... whether grade school or high school.
By the time they're done playing, it's time to eat or go to bed. Homework is missed.
Parents need to start having children and young adults start taking responsibility for their actions. In my opinion, the best thing to do is get all the homework done right after school, and then they can go out and play and have fun.
But, there's something else.
The parents also need to take an active role in their children's education. They need to ask what their children have learned, and what they are having trouble comprehending. A parent needs to get in their and try to explain what it is that the lesson is trying to convey. The excuses have to be gotten rid of. Parents need to take the time to do this. If the parent doesn't help his/her own children, how does that look to the child as he or she is growing up?
But, this has to be a circle. We also need to find a way to allow more teacher to parent contact, so the teacher knows what the parent is doing, and the parent knows what the teacher is doing. They also need to help each other out.

There are too many people coming out of our schools who don't know the difference between than and then, their, there, and they're. There are too many people who have to sit down and figure out 19 times 5 by writing it on paper. There are too many people who cannot figure out what the meaning of a word is by taking its root and prefix and suffix meanings apart. There are too many people who do not know how to obtain the area of a simple rectangle. And there are too many people who can't even name the three basic colors.

It's not all the student's fault for not paying attention in class.
It's not all the teacher's fault for not keeping that student's attention.
It's not all the parent's fault for not helping with their child's education.
But they all need to be held accountable.

Teachers need to learn how to keep a student's attention by making the lesson interesting. Parents need to know what their child is being taught so that they can help the child understand if something isn't comprehensible at first. Of course, the parents must also understand what it is that's being taught to their child, so the parents and teachers should be in constant communication so that if a parent doesn't understand, they, too, can be taught (or reminded in most cases). All this needs to be done so that a student can become and/or remain interested in his own education. As a child is growing up, if he/she has constantly been shown different ways to come to the same conclusion, and everything has been kept interesting, then that student will begin to learn how to make his own education interesting. Critical thinking. What can I identify this lesson to? How does this apply to me or my friends? How can I make this more interesting to present if I were the one teaching it?
The more connections that can be placed into the circle of education, the better off each student will become. If a friend has an interesting way to remember a problem solving skill, then that friend comes into the circle of education. If that same friend can also relay that information to a teacher or parent, then it becomes vital for the education of others.
Education is very important. Too many of our citizens just don't know even the basics. Too many excuses are used. Too much time is wasted on other, unimportant matters. Many foreign countries laugh at us because of our test scores. We claim to be such a great country, yet, we can't even teach our children to read and write. We say that our land is for everyone to share and enjoy, but why would others come here just to have the average intelligence drop. Learning facts and figures can, indeed, be boring if learned as facts and figures. But, make it interesting, and make a student want to learn it, and it will be taught.
But, this isn't going to happen with the society we have today. With President Bush in office, the average American IQ has dropped 10 points. We, as a people, are perceived in the same manner as our President. We need a president who has a higher IQ. Vote aryx for president!
Ummm, yeah. Okay then...
Well, if you have kids, just try to take an active part in your children's education, k?

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