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may have found a house to buy.
Big house, low price.
gotta move fast tho, cause it'll probably go fast.
Nice big lot (needed for my boats), den for the computers, 2 other bedrooms, bath, being remodelled (new carpet and paint, fixing and repairing what needs to be done. Nice big livingroom and kitchen/dining area.
Nice part of town.

I need to go through all the financial hassel. Should've done that a while ago, I guess. That's gonna take time... might be too much time.

BUT! Even if I don't get this place, I'm no worse than what I am in now. In fact, I'm still in a better situation, because I'll have already done the financial stuff. And as Cody said, I won't settle for less than this, so if I miss this one, the next one will be better. So, it's a win-win situation, no matter what happens.

Anyone want to send me some money to help with my down?

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