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The first thing I don't understand is how come there aren't more car accidents during the day time than there are at night. Especially because there are so many more people driving around during the day than at night. And especially because a lot of those people who drive during the day time are complete idiots and drive like crazy motherfuckers. In a 35 mph lane, I'll get at least one driving 50 or more every mile. In a 50 zone, I'll have more than two scrambling around me like I'm a snail, and everyone who knows me knows that I also tend to be a speed demon. So what are these people doing? If I go out during the day, I can be sure to have several people run stop signs right in front or just behind me. I had one lady, talking on her cell phone, turn a corner from a non-turn lane right in my path. And she flipped me off for honking at her.
But now, the situation is beginning to get worse. With stores open 24 hours, fastfood restaurants open until midnight or 1AM, Tower open until midnight, etc., more and more day people are starting to drive at night. This is not good. They're taking their bad habits on the road with them during a time which they would normally be asleep. So, 1) they are not used to driving in the dark, 2) they're probably tired and should be in bed, and 3) they think that those of us who are nighthawks should make way for them.
Fucking idiots. Don't they understand there's a reason why there's just a few of us who are night people? We don't want to be around them, and we don't want them around us. At least, not driving on the roads.
Okay, most of you can actually ignore this. I just don't like the way most people drive, pulling in front of you at the last possible moment to make the turn, not even attempting to slow down at stop signs, or passing me up when I'm already doing speeds that should get me pulled over. Damnit!
Okay, you can return to your regularly scheduled LJ.

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