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Okay; finally sat down and started writing out the ideas I have for one of the movies I want to make. Not a script, just the general points that I want to come through, and the characters and plots and twists. What I wrote is an extended version of what you would read on the book cover if you were reading a novel. A few things I had to write in detail, the clues to the twists and turns that would take place. I don't want to make a movie and all of a sudden put in a twist that doesn't really make sense. I want the person to see the clues on a second or third viewing and realizing they were being told the entire time. Kind of like Sixth Sense or The Others. There were all those clues, but when you watched it the first time, you probably didn't pay attention. But when you saw it again, you could see that you were told the entire time what had happened. But, this isn't a ghost movie.

When I opened up my book to start writing, I came across another story idea that I had had during Burning Man last year. It would be cool as a movie, too... but I should wait until I know what the hell I'm doing before I attempt that one... too many special effects would be needed. Well, too many for me to do on my own with just this one computer. I'd need a real staff. But, I could write the idea out in novel form. Maybe a movie company would pick it up. You never know... it could happen. *smirk*

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