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Diff Magazine

There's a local magazine (San Joaquin County, specifically, Stockton) that showcases unique individuals.
I am thinking about e-mailing a few 'example' photos of fire-dancers. Although fire-dancing is not unique for me, it is for the general population. And, according to comments I have received from many of my subjects (including fire-dancers), I am one of the best photographers to capture what they think should be seen.
But, as I do not know of any fire-dancers here in Stockton, I guess the magazine would have to profile me and how I got into the art of photographing other people performing their art.
The magazine is about ready to publish its second issue in a couple of weeks, so the deadline to get pictures in for that issue is already passed. But, they only publish every three months, so I would have a couple of months to get my collection organized, and any pictures scanned that I don't already have scanned (I do digital now, but I started with 35mm film).
Anyhow, I don't know why I am writing this here when I could be e-mailing the magazine.

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