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Back Online

My cable internet service went out on me. :(
Spent the last 15 minutes talking with cable technical assistance.
She was looking at the info on her side and it said that my modem kept appearing and disappearing.
So we fiddle-fucked around a bit, changed the ip numbers, renewed the address, and I'm back online!
She said that the problem didn't appear to be on their end, but that the modem might be acting up. Because it's not a modem that I'm renting from ATT Broadband, I'd have to take it in if problems come up again and get it check out.
Seems kind of stupid that a cable modem should be dying when it's only 5 months old.


In other news, took the boat out today. Took a couple of friends from work. Swam a lot. Collected fresh water oysters under the sand. I should take them back... I have no place to put them... they're in a gatoraid bottle with river water... hope they don't die.


And finally... I'm eating my wonderful homemade salsa. Made it hotter than I usually do because I'm not taking this batch to work. Those people are wimps. I make salsa which I consider very mild, and everyone runs around saying it's too hot. So when I do make a batch to take to work, I try to keep things as mild as possible. But not this time. This time, this batch is for me! So I upped the spicyness. But just to what I would consider medium. About 2 jalapenos per each tomato used. Yummy! (it's been a while since eating spicy food, so it'll take a while for my body to get used to it... hope I don't get diarrhea! ack!)

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