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It's pretty sad when you're reading along in your friend's page and the moderator of one of the communities you belong to has expressed his unapproving thoughts to the way some things were handled while he wasn't watching. Not only was his own post written while he was still angry, but he also listed the names of members who were 'in trouble.'
How professional.
What you do in your own journal is one thing. What you do in a community is another. Being a moderator of a community does, indeed, give you some special powers. However, you don't have to keep reminding people that you can ban them from that community, or that you can delete their messages, and some of the other neat little tricks you get as a moderator to keep others "in line." You also need to show a little control. Posting names of members who have not followed your rules in a public message shows very little maturity.
I wanted to post a reply, but then I realized I, too, might get put on his list of "troublemakers," and I don't want to have to deal with shit like that with someone who is obviously still in their teens.

On a brighter note, I'm up nice and early.

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