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This must be the week for weird dreams!
Had another one last night. I don't remember too much of it anymore, except that Cody was in this one, and a couple of other people that I think I know, but I'm not certain anymore.
We were at some kind of gathering at a huge indoor picnic table in a place like Big Trees... so lots of foresty stuff around. I think it was kind of like a Science Camp for adults.
I only remember one project we had. We had to write down other camp-mates' names and who they were likely to hook up with during the event. The counts were tallied, and if, for example, 9 people said that someone should hook up with someone else, then we would send those two out to talk to see if they were compatable, as everyone else seemed to think they were.
For some reason, there were three different groups... male to female, female to female, and female to male. I don't think there were enough guys there for a male to male group, although, I vaguely recall that one of the guys was openly gay. And I don't understand the male to female AND female to male... to me, that's the same thing... but hey, it's a dream.
I also remember that a lot of the girls in the group were getting put into the female to female catagory, and as I said, I know there were people at this 'camp' that I know in real life, and I know that they aren't lesbian.
People who knew eachother already also weren't allowed to be put together. So, because Cody and I are good friends, the others had to be told that so they couldn't try to match us up. Oh, and Cody's still pregnant in my dream.
The only other thing I remember about this dream is that after lunch, just as we were beginning to play this game, I had taken off all my clothes. I was naked. I was okay with that, but I was talking to someone that I had started to develop an interest in and was afraid that it would start showing.
There was a lot more to this dream, but I don't recall it very well anymore.

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