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Had the weirdest dream.
A co worker and I had gone to some kind of mall-type store.
We had each parked our pick-ups in the parking lot backwards, right at the front door.
Jeff doesn't actually own a pick-up, and I don't really hang out with Jeff.
The time of day we were at this mall shopping center was around 2 in the morning, and it was packed.
After hanging out, and not actually buying anything, we came out to discover that some asian gang-banger kid had smashed his truck into the both of ours, and neatly taken off the front ends of them.
In the dream, I never did see his vehicle, because the tow truck company had already gotten his removed, but I guessed it was another pickup, considering the damage ours had. Jeff was real pissed because his truck was only a year old. I was a bit calmer, because the truck in the dream is the same truck I have now, and it's 7 years old.
Still, I'm the one that went after this kid to kick the shit out of him. He was short and skinny, but also buffed.
For some reason, I knew Karate and Kung Fu (giggle).
We couldn't fight right away, cause the cops were there.
I had to call my mom, and wake her up, so she could go get me another truck.
It was a nice looking truck, but after I got it home, I realized it was half a truck.
The cab looked like a truck, but everything ended right after the seats. No back wall, no bed, no back wheels. Just a tail-gate, right behind the back seats. She was able to find a vehicle like this in the middle of the night?

There were other things in the dream, but they were so minor that I'll forget them before I get them all written down.

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