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two more days (nights) and then a day off. the stress here this weekend has really gotten to me... I want to blow up at some of these stupid people. then I realize that it wouldn't help, because they don't know what our job in x-ray is; they don't know our protocols. so I just have to hold on to all the stress.
it's supposed to be 92 degrees on wednesday (my day off). a few friends are supposed to go out on the boat with me... that'll be nice... it'll be hot, and we can jump in the water... yay!
owning a boat like this is considered property... unlike owning a vehicle. that's cool, because that'll help my rating when I go to buy a house. I know of a place that will be going up for sale next spring, so that gives me a few more months to save up some money. I'm doing pretty good so far. yay me. I'd prefer a 20 per cent down, but I'll probably just have to go with a 10. oh well, such is life.

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