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Well, I think I finally got my computer to stop crashing on me every 15 minutes. I kept getting faults on wsock32.dll... then it got worse, I saw over 10 different dll (drivers for hardware and stuff) that kept giving me faults. Got to the point tonight where I couldn't start up the computer anymore. So many things were faulting, that by the time I finished closing them all, the computer would just reboot itself... then start all over again. So I went searching through all my CD-ROMs to look for my old install disk, popped it in, and told the computer to reboot from there... in essence I had to reinstall Windows in its entirety. Fortunately, it remembers previous settings, so I didn't have to go in an reprogram my color scheme, sound scheme, background image, and all that other stuff that I tweek with constantly.
And so here I am... back online... need to make sure nothing is about to crash on me.

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