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Just got home from a weekend camping trip.
Cody and I went to Big Trees, out past Angel's Camp.
If Angel's Camp sounds familiar, it's where they hold the annual jumping frog jubilee, started by Mark Twain's short story.
We ended up going to the fair today, after our overnighter in Big Trees, but the weather was starting to get stormy, so we left right after Cody's li'l brother did his martial arts demonstration.
I think I got a sunburn on my face, but it's hard to tell because all the indoor lights don't do a very good job, whether at her house, my house, or Cody's older brother's house in Sonora.
When we were up in the higher elevations, out sinuses cleared, I wasn't coughing, didn't have a headache... and now that I'm back, my headache has returned, I can't breath, and my scratchy throat has returned.
I gotta get the fuck out of the valley. Allergies with be the death of me.

Got some bad news when I got in... found out someone on my friend's list tried to commit suicide over the weekend. Kinda depresses me a bit. Sounds like she's doing okay, but she may have some liver damage.

Well, I need to get some sleep... and I still smell like a campfire, even after changing clothes and taking a bath at Cody's.

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