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I'm sitting here at work, talking with one of the clerks.
I ask if she's getting excited about the new Star Wars movie coming out in a couple of days.
She has absolutely no clue what I'm talking about.



I'm one of those freaks that can't wait... I mean, I remember seeing the first one when it first came out in the theaters (yes, I'm dating myself here) and I was an instant fish with a hook in its mouth. I saw Star Wars over 100 times in the theater, and well over 200 times on video tape and TV.
She saw Star Wars once when it came out in the theaters, and she said she didn't like it because there wasn't enough action... too much talking.



Well, anyway, I'm excited.
Unfortunately, I couldn't get out in time to get tix for the midnight showing, so my plans are to wake up early on Thursday and go to the first showing of the day. And I'll probably stay in the theater and watch it 3 times in a row. Or something.

She didn't like Star Wars?
Oh, sure, she remembers R2D2.
I'm flabbergasted!

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