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I'm torn between going to Seattle and Hawaii with my plane tickets.
On one hand, my Aunt (who sent me the plane tix) lives there, as does my best friend from HS and projectx and I'd like to visit them all.
On the other hand, I've never been to Hawaii.
But, I haven't seen my Aunt in years, I only get to see Will once a year, and projectx once every couple of years.
Yet, flying to Seattle seems like such a waste of a free ticket. After all, I can drive there in 14 to 18 hours.
If I fly to Seattle, I will use 1 ticket going up, and one ticket coming back. This leaves me with 2 tickets left, which I can use to get to Hawaii and then back again. However, I'd like to bring projectx along.
If I drive to Seattle, I can take breaks visiting some of you who live between me and Seattle, either on the way up, or the way back. Plus, I could bring projectx back with me, then take off to Hawaii when we return.
lots of thinking

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