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I don't know if the events in Nevada made national news last weekend, but I'm going to guess that they did, because something like that had never happened before.
3 bikers were killed during a fight between rival biker "gangs" in a casino last weekend. One of the three killed was from Stockton. He was a bike (as in motorcycle) shop owner and sold motorcycles. He was part of our Hells Angels crowd.
It was expected that the funeral would be huge, there are a lot of bikers here in Stockton, and in the general area, who knew this guy.
The thing I didn't know... today was the funeral.
The thing that I forgot about:
Funeral processions almost always come up my street, as I'm within 2 blocks of 3 different funeral homes. Well, this one didn't exactly come up my street, but it came up parallel by a block. But the police had just about all the roads closed, and there were cars, lots and lots of cars, parked all over the place. It was like a parade.
People lined up on the street from the funeral home all the way to the cemetary to watch/say their farewells/etc to this guy.

Makes it kind of hard to take the boat out when there is car after car going up both sides of the street looking for a place to park and I'm trying to pull out of my parking lot.

Yeah, that's all I cared about with this whole post... how was I going to get the boat out with all these people? hehehe

Don't get me wrong, my sister and I grew up knowing a few Hells Angels, and let me tell you, those are probably some of the most misunderstood people in the country. Everyone thinks of them as bad people, and they aren't. They've got a bad rap, probably because of things like what happened in Nevada last weekend. They are a closer family to each other than any street gang ever could be, and will always fight for one another. They aren't bad people at all... just people who like to ride their bikes.

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