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I went out and bought myself a digital video camera.
I stayed with Sony. I can use the same memory chips for the video camera as I can for my regular digital camera.
But I forgot to buy the cable for the firewire connection. I can live without it for now, as I can still hook the video camera to one of my USB ports... but the whole reason I bought a computer with a firewire was to hook a video camera up that way to transfer data more quickly.
I'll wait until either Sunday or Monday to go out and get that cable.
But I'm happy. I finally got the video camera that I've been wanting for months.
I'm going to be making short movies. I've got a couple of scripts in my head... just got to write them down and start filming.
If I go to Love Affair this month, I'll probably take that and film people dancing. You never know, I might be able to incorporate that into a movie of some kind.

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