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website changes

I've been doing a lot of changing to my website.
If you have heard of Burning Man, and would like to see some other sites... I have finally uploaded pictures from my trip there in 1999. My 1998 pictures are also back online.
Warning: There is a place for a link to the 2000 event, it is not online! In fact, I did not go in 2000, but my friend, Cody, did, and she took pictures for me so I could put them up... which I will, eventually, do.
Warning #2: The 2001 event has not yet occured, so that link is not taking you anywhere either. [smirk]
Oh yeah, the 1999 section is not quite complete... I want to add a few pictures of Cody (aka pyrophilia and spiderfirefly -- check out her LJ accounts) doing her fire-dancing thing, and a few pictures of the Man burning... which is basically why we call it Burning Man. [giggle]

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