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Sunday night

Fire pictures with puppyduck.
A very talented young lady. Got to her house around 4:30 or so, talked a bit about x-ray, photography, and stuff. Packed up, went down to American River. It was still pretty light outside, so I started by taking a few pictures with her in the trees. Started to get a little darker, so we went ahead and shot a few fire pics... but it was still a little too light. They're still good pictures, they just show a lot of motion.
We were all hungry, so we went back to her place for dinner.
After that, we did the rest of her pics right in her front yard. After seeing them on the computer monitor as opposed to the little screen on the camera, I know I can do a lot better. Don't get me wrong, I got some really good shots... I just know I can do better. I'm just that picky about the pics I take. I know she will like them. But I'm hoping that the next time we get together, I can get what I want. She's really talented. She only does poi, fire fingers, and breathing. I got some neat shots of her with the breathing... and her roommate (Matt) has an outstanding fire breathing technique... it's a huge fireball!
I'm still waiting for the okay to post a few pictures... I e-mailed her the ones I want to post, and have her tell me yes or no. So you will all just have to wait.

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