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So, Saturday night (4-20) I went to Love Affair Spring Blaze at Hotel Ibiza in Oakland, the party that altenra is associated with. First time meeting Lena, and Rhianna (lost_lethe), Erin (loscocco), Mav (topgunmav), Keith (doitbycndlite), Tinkerbell, Lisa, and a few others which, if you read her journal, she talks about quite often. It was a huge party! DJs in seperate rooms all spinning; Trance, Hip-Hop, House, etc. People dancing everywhere until 6 in the morning! One guy got the shit kicked out of him and another high on PCP, which called for security, but it didn't look like any real police needed to be called in; except for the helicopter... I don't know, maybe some were there... but I didn't see them.
We didn't do any body painting, we were having too much fun watching Tinkerbell get wasted and putting on her own show. People coming in and out of the room all night, someone took lost_lethe's phone and ID, which wasn't cool, and Tinkerbell claims someone took off with her pack of cigarettes, but she probably finished them off and didn't realize it.
I didn't take nearly the pictures I was hoping to... but I got a few nice ones. They're posted below, under the cut tag. I just wish I had had my camera when 2 girls and a guy hopped into the hot tub, sans clothing. They were immediately kicked out--no clothing optional activities (outside) around here!
It was a good night, seeing happy people dancing far longer than any club would allow, although I got the distinct impression it was still pretty much a meat market. That's okay, I'm not looking right now.

DJ spinning:

Girls dancing on stage:

Another stage dancer:

Lena has some buff guy rubbing his ass on her while they dance. She talked about this all night long... well, maybe not all night:

Another DJ spinning:

That's all I'm posting... I only got about 10 pictures total. I told you I didn't get very much!

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