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Oh yeah?!
Well, if felching a dead horse is such a great thing, why aren't more people doing it?

Woke up this AM feeling pretty crappy. Not so bad that I couldn't go to work. But I had to work with the two slowest people in the department.
So, in the first 30 minutes, I got us all caught up, then had to go up to surgery for a pacemaker. 45 minutes later, I go down, and we have a ton of patients backed up. SHIT! What were those two doing? After another half hour, I get us all caught up again, and it's pretty clear after that; as I can pretty much keep up caught up from that point on.
At 6, I go to dinner. Fortunately, not too much came up to do, so those two didn't get behind again. And, fortunately, at 7, another tech comes in... another one of our fastest techs, like me. One of the slow ones goes home, and there's nothing that we can't handle.
Bosses keep saying that once the two slow ones get into their own groove, they'll be fine. HELLO! One of them has been taking x-rays for over 15 years! The other one has been out almost 2 years. I'd think they'd be in their groove by now! Actually, the newbie is (finally) starting to pick up some speed. He's still the second slowest (next to the woman), but he is getting better. But shit, there are students who are faster than he is. Geesh!

Other than that, it was a pretty nice day.

Whether outside today was absolutely gorgeous. Wish I could have taken the boat out. It's just screaming to be taken out again. Poor boat. Tuesday's my next day off, so it'll get to go again. Don't worry boat. :)

I have a photo shoot on Tuesday evening, too. Lady from work. Wants nudes! Boo-yah! Even after 3 kids, what a looker! I did a couple of photo shoots with her about 9 years ago, when her first child was first born (pics with her and the baby), and when the baby was about 2 years old. I have to keep in control of myself. Probably will have to jerk-off a few times when the night's done. ACK!

I have another photo shoot on Sunday with puppyduck doing some of her fire stuff. That'll be cool. I like doing fire-dancing pictures, as you may have noticed in some of my previous posts. I think she's getting excited, too. She once told me that I have a knack for not only showing the fire, but also the performer's essence. Way cool! I'll make her look good, real good! (Do I seem a bit aloof? hehehe)

I'm naked on cam again... woohoo!

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