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Cancelling all the monthly credit card billings... I need to get this damned card paid off... and if I have places charging me every month, it doesn't help.
Got rid of my Gemstone III account, as I haven't played in almost a year.
Got rid of an account that had somehow been accidently been set up by Jamie or Cody through some telephone friends-finding service -- heh, I never really knew what it was until I actually called the company. You know how those names on your bill don't tell you anything.
Got rid of a couple of internet accounts which I don't use anymore.
Still trying to get rid of my account at ana's site... I haven't used that site in over a year, and I'm no longer on her friend's list, and I don't have a clue what my password is anymore, so I had to write the webmaster.

All that will get rid of about $80 a month in charges which I wasn't really using.
My card is down to $8,401.12!!! Woohoo! I think I should be able to pay that off within a year. (My Fed and State tax returns will go straight to the visa... that's $1200 right there!)

I might use the card to buy the video camera... but only if I get one that's too expensive to buy with cash. With cash, I can probably afford up to $800... which of course takes some money away from paying the card... but that's life.

How many of you actually read all that all the way through? It means nothing to you. These are merely words that I am thinking and typing out... kind of as a reminder to myself.

You guys are silly.


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