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Just spent the last 2 and a half hours updating IE to the latest version (yeah, I'm a little slow). My older version kept crashing on me, so I figured it might be just as easy to update it as to re-install the old (I mean OLD) version.
First attempt the download never finished. Turned off computer, cursed, started computer, restarted download. Download of 1 hour complete (I need DSL!), begin updates. CRASH! Curse, turn off computer, curse more, turn on computer, update starts over, finishes...
So far so good, though... no crashes since I (finally) was able to complete the update. And now it's 5:30 AM, and I need to go to bed... would liked to have stayed up just another hour to double check that the new version won't crash on me doing my typical random useless web-surfing.
My neck hurts.

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