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Starting to shop around for digital video cameras... so many choices, with so many varying price ranges, with many different options.
What I want is something that will hook up to the ieee1394 (fire wire), is compatible with Video Wave (which I really should install soon), and will look good even when viewing on a full screen (TV). The pure DV recorders still only shoot in 320X240 pixels (at least, the 'corders under $1000)... not good.
So, there is Digital 8, which records like the video 8mm, but you can record them on to digital tape, and x-fer to computer for editing. Found a nice one for about $600... might be a little better one for another hundred dollars or so.
And there's a third type of technology which I haven't even looked at, yet.
I need to make the right choice... I want something that is compatible the first time 'round... I don't want to have to keep spending money and finding out that the camera just doesn't work with the computer I have, or something like that.
I don't want piss-poor quality, but I don't need the greatest and best, neither.

I'm ticklish between my toes! Ack!

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