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Temptation Island

After watching the Final Episode of TI tonight, I have come to the conclusion that all involved are actually actors and actresses, and everything is/was scripted.
True, a lot more thought went into TI than into Survivor, and it is possible that they could have found four completely different couples who would all behave differently in different situations and circumstances... but they ALL seemed to know exactly what to say, and when to say it.
And take the camera angles-- there were a few that the camera people couldn't have been in a more perfect position to catch that all-telling facial expresion that some of these people made. And look how often it happened. Yes, with the number of camera operators they had, they were bound to get a few really good shots at just the right time...but if you look through the entire show... it happened far too many times.
Over-all... I liked the show, even though I have my suspicions. I just think that Mandy going back to her bf was silly... she could have better...
take me for example ;)

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