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Got to take my boat again today. A little windy, and the water was choppy, so we only stayed out for an hour or so.
There were supposed to be 5 of us going, as originally planned.
I couldn't get ahold of christina1973, so she'll have to come out later.
One girl from work said that her second job had called to see if she could work, so she went in... she needs money.
So, two other girls from work said they'd come. But, one of them wouldn't wake up or something, and the other one had her car in the shop, and it was taking too long, so she said she'd go out later.
The other two girls almost flaked. One wasn't feeling too well, but decided to go out anyway, as long as we were back by 5... which we were. No problem there. And the other girl was coming with that one.
So, at least it was me and two other people.
One of those two girls is the same girl that I was interested in a few months ago, if you remember reading about it in my journal. Don't bother going back and trying to read it if you don't know what I'm talking about... I post too much; it'd take you a long time to find it.

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