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Why can't you just admit that you made a mistake instead of writing long posts explaining why what you said was taken out of context? It seems that this happens every time you write something. Say what you mean the first time around. That way, if someone 'misunderstands' it, you can go back and point out what you said. You'd never have to write long posts and e-mails trying to explain yourself and what something means. You're trying too hard to make yourself look like a victim. I don't buy it.

Sometimes, being a man means taking responsibility for your actions.
My relationship with her has always been platonic. But, it seems I am now to be the father figure. How do you think that makes me feel? I'm not even the biological father, you are. I know you don't believe that, I know that you have serious doubts about that. In fact, I think that you suspect that you were set up. Well, you weren't. She was just as shocked as you. Her life has flipped a complete 180 because of this. But, unlike you, she has accepted this as her fate, and is preparing herself.

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