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Searched yahoo with my name in the search field.
Did you know that there is a Sanderson, Texas, and a Sanderson, Florida? I didn't.
I also didn't realize how many Eric Sandersons were actually out there.
The first one on the list that finally refers to me is number 121. And that's on Pyrophilia's website, where I am listed as one of her photographers.
I've dedicated so much energy into putting Aryx into so much of my published work, that I completely omitted my actual name. Well, I need to update some of my website anyway. I mean, really... it's called Aryx' Mausoleum, but I have a picture of a crypt on the opening page. I'll probably be getting rid of my softcom account soon, so I better figure out how to turn my older computer into its own server.
Anyone know how to do that? I could probably figure out if I did some reading, but, if someone out there could tell me, it'd at least get me started faster. Anyone?

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