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An old friend of mine (we no longer speak) is in AA.
You know, the whole 12 step thing.
Step 8 states that the person has to ask forgiveness for the wrongdoings that said person has done to you, and at least make amends.
I'm not too sure that I want to make amends with this person.
This person is only on about step 3 or so right now. So there is some time for me to think about it.
But I don't necessarily want to forgive this person, but I don't want to be rude either, and hang up if this person tries to call. As for amends, the only thing I can think of (right now) to aid in that department is by having that person return all the pictures that were taken when this person left. But I don't know how fair it would be for me to ask for these pictures back if I can't even forgive this person for all that has happened to me.
Or, should I forgive?
If I do forgive, I don't want this person to assume, then, that that means that I am willing to be friends again. I don't think that I could handle that.

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