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I have a strong suspicion that my kitty believes that the bed is hers, and that she's allowing me to sleep on it with her. Every night, in her own cat language dialect, she tells me when it's time for bed. Of course, 2AM is too early for me to go to bed, I usually go between 4 and 5. I don't think she likes that, because she usually just ends up going to bed without me for a while. She tends to sleep right in the exact center of the bed.


Last night, I actually went to bed early, because I had to be up early today to go to my nephew's birthday party (at noon). Due to the fact that I needed to be up earlier than my norm, it goes without saying that I needed to go to bed earlier as well.
Well, after only 2 hours of sleep, a strange dream woke me up. I don't remember the dream, but I do remember that it was the dream that woke me up. There must've been some sort of shrill or alarm going off in my dream that disturbed my slumber, because as I started to wake, I heard a real one as well. A f*ckin' car alarm was going off.
You know how most car alarms will stop the alarum after two minutes to help save the battery? Not this one. It kept going and going and going. I tried to ignore it for the first 20 minutes. I finally got up, got dressed, and went outside to see exactly where it was coming from. Just a block up the street.
This damn alarm went on for over an hour!
The thing I kept thinking to myself is that everyone else is getting woken up by this damn thing, why not the owner of the car? I was pissed.
I also started thinking, what's the point of setting an alarm on your car at night if you're just going to sleep through its ruckus? I mean, now everyone knows that the owner of this car won't wake up when the alarm goes off... now they can break into it without having to worry!


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