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One of my friends from work is getting ready for her photo shoot with me. Probably next month. She wants to be a little more tan. How do I tell her that because it's black-light paint, only the paint is going to show up on the pics. Maybe she just wants to look good for me when she takes her clothes off... I don't know. She's silly.

Got an e-mail from someone else who has been interested in getting some pics done. She's trying to get a few things done and get some stuff together. So, hopefully within the next couple of months, we'll have that going.

Tutoring math again tonight. Trinomials. When I try to think back to the last time I really ever had to deal with those were in the 8th grade, and then when I was taking either trig or calculus... I don't remember... it all blurs together eventually. And I graduated college over 10 years ago.

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