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You remember the story back in the western days when a man was shot in his sleep, just for snoring too loud? I don't remember if it was Billy the Kid who did the shooting, or if it was someone else, but it doesn't really matter.

Have you heard that the lack of sleep can make you insane?

I'm wondering if grogginess from a lack of a few hours of sleep in a night is actually a form of that insanity, just not necessarily permanent. Just a temporary thing, you see?

Now, think of that story about that man, who was snoring, was keeping another person awake. If it was BtK, then you could honestly say he was temporarily insane at the time he did the shooting, right?

Last night, I only had a few hours of sleep. So I am groggy, which in essence, makes me temporarily insane right now.

There are people outside whooping and hollering and blaring their music, with bass at maximum which is irritating as hell.

Which brings up another point. The ancient Chinese used to torture people by having water drip on a victim's forehead. Maybe a drop a second, maybe a drop every couple of seconds. After a long time, this got to be so irritating that the person undergoing this torture must've started feeling the same thing that I am. I would liken it akin to something as temporary insanity. The pounding of a bass drum, with the same rhythm over and over and over could, in essence, be a form of torture, causing someone who doesn't wish to hear it, especially someone who has had but a few hours of sleep and is already feeling groggy, ergo temporarily insane, to become even more irate, which, in itself, is also a form of temporary insanity, to feel like he's about to go over the edge.

Oh, how I long for the western days when it was actually okay to take out your gun and shoot someone down.

I wonder if the legal system would see it as temporary insanity.

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