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Might as well write this down while I'm thinking about it... although I have some errands I'm supposed to be running...

Pro-choice vs. pro-life:
Pro-life simply means that one is opposed to the taking of life for any reason. That means anti-abortion, euthinasia (sp.), and whatever it's called when someone is sentenced to death for serious crimes... something justice. Ummm, I guess it's okay to take an animal's life so that we may survive, because animals are stupid and supposed to feed us. We are, after all, at the top of the food-chain, and a highly evolved species, arogant and selfish.
Pro-choice, on the other hand, simply states that we are ``free to choose.'' One may chose to be anti-abortion, but may still be pro-choice. One may chose to hate the death penalty, yet still be pro-choice. You see... it's the person's choice. And in fact, those people who are pro-life, have freely chosen to be. So, technically, shouldn't they call themselves pro-choice? Pro-choice in that the have chosen to be pro-life?
And for those extremists, and I'm talking about those pro-lifers who actually go to abortion clinics to kill the doctors, nurses, and patrons of such clinics... What in hell's name are you thinking? What gives you the right to be judge, jury, and executioner? You realize that you are stating you are pro-life, yet you go around killing people because you believe they have committed a moral sin? (is that redundant? I mean, aren't sins moral crimes? oh well, who cares...)
Oh poo... I'm running out of time... and I had wanted to talk about those people who take pro-choice to mean pro-death... in just about every situation... that is, the extremists on the other end of the spectrum. Talk about them later, I guess... if I remember.

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