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You know, even though I'm not really a part of any of the underground scenes anymore, I still really dig goth girls. Not the wannabe goth grrls, but the real thing.
christina1973 and I were talking about how the scene has changed so much. The little teenybopper goth grrls are all wannabes. All they want to do is dress in black, pretend to be vampires, and shun the rest of society. Real goths don't do that. The real ones have enough self-confidence to feel comfortable no matter who they're talking to, or whomever they have to deal with. The real goths don't tell others that they aren't goth just because they're not wearing the right clothing, like the wannabes do. The real ones can tell -- even if you're wearing jeans and a tee-shirt. The real gothic scene is about going against the norm... and a goth wearing jeans and a tee-shirt are definately doing that...
But goth has become too mainstream. Everyone has now heard of it. So I no longer participate. But damn, some of those girls still get my heart racing.
Not that non-goth girls don't do anything for me... they do too.

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