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I was going to make more bread today. Don't know why I didn't, except that I started to clean up the house a bit in order to mess it up again.
Plans were to hook up the Linksys hub so that both 'puters could be hooked up thru cable to the i-net. Started reading up on what has to be done. Doesn't sound too complicated. So why didn't I do it? *shrugs* I got everything out. Just didn't do it.
I also got invited to my aunt's house for dinner. I don't eat chili, so I said no.
Basically, I wanted to stay home all day so I wouldn't have to put on clothes. I was naked all day, until I finally got my ass up to go grocery shopping. At least I did one thing on my to-do list, today.
My plans tomorrow were to take the boat out... supposed to be a nice day tomorrow. Then pyrophilia called and said her flight was coming in tomorrow. So I'm going to go pick her up.
Her mom called almost as soon as I hung up the phone and asked if I had heard from her.
She wants to make me my favorite dinner tomorrow night for picking her up. I don't have a favorite. So I said "how about Chinese." So it looks like we're eating Chinese tomorrow night.
I'm getting a headache.

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