The Digital Shutterbug (aryx) wrote,
The Digital Shutterbug

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Miss me?

Had some problems logging into my server lately, not that I've really wanted to be on.

I have another friend who wants to do some black-light body painting. Hoping she comes over on Tuesday.

Tomorrow is my sister's born-day, and I still haven't gotten her anything. We're having dinner at her place. Seeing as how my mom couldn't pull a born-day dinner for me, we're just combining both our dinners into one.

I haven't been as lively lately as I normally am.
I think I'm still a little depressed. I still don't have cable. My computer is becoming obsolete, and I haven't even gotten to do the things with it that I wanted.

My house is becoming a disaster... I need to clean. I need to sweep! I'm either at work, or sleeping, lately.

christina1973 broke up with her boyfriend again. She came over Friday night. We watched Dogma. Gave her a body rub.

I'm bored.

Time for work.

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