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pyrophilia was here this weekend... she went with me to the party Saturday night and took lots of pictures (to be posted soon).

Tonight, we waited for her boyfriend to come pick her up (I forget his LJ user name). We invited christina1973 and her boyfriend over (he doesn't have an LJ yet). And Ted-head, lead singer of Funeral in Berlin and one of his band-mates came over. By a strange coincidence, my mother also came knocking at the door just as people were beginning to show up. She brought over the new pair of pants that she had to exchange--she must've thought I was smaller than I really am. She got me 34-34's instead of 36-36's. Of course, most places don't sell 36-36's.

When pyro's bf finally showed up, they got packed, and everyone started leaving.
Chris and Badger stayed a little longer and talked. But they both had to get home early.

Suddenly, it was very quiet.

And I started getting depressed again. See, pyro is going to LA to make sure that things will work out between herself and her bf, who is also the father of her baby-to-be. If things work out, she'll be moving down there...

Pyro is the last of my circle of friends that is moving away from this area.

Chris and Badger are new friends, I'm still getting to know them.
Zabrina, the girl from work who I was interested in, is a possible friend.
I'm hoping that a few recent additions to my LJ friends will be people that can hang out from time to time... but they live in San Francisco and Sacramento, so it wouldn't be as often as pyro.
And there's this one girl from work, who I've known for about 10 years seems to be interested in hanging out more often. No, no love interest... she's married and has 3 kids. She kind of distanced herself from me when I went through my gothic phase.

I do have you as my friends, too. I'm not forgetting that! And there are a lot of you who I'd like to meet.

But right now, it's so quiet.

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