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I'm surprised I haven't been written up yet by Dr. M. after the outburst I had with him in the E.R. monday night. You see... I told to him some of the stuff in that message I typed earlier about him (see next message). He threatened to call my boss or the on-call radiologist to complain about me... or rather, my attitude. My boss can't stand Dr. M... and after three days without sleep, the on-call radiologist probably would have told Dr. M. to deal with his own problems and shove it up his ass.
I wonder if I can write up a doctor. Several times he has requested that I do an x-ray with the portable machine in the hall-way. 1) It is illegal for patients to be put in the hallway in the first place. -- it's a fire hazard, and also violates certain patient privacy rights, along with patient confidentiality. 2) It is illegal for me to take an x-ray in the hallway. -- too much stray radiation exposing too many people. In the x-ray department, our walls are lead-lined. In other rooms, well, at least a tiny bit might be absorbed by the walls. But not in the hall-way.
Dr. M. has also requested of me to take an x-ray of a patient while CPR was still being performed. This would have put several people at risk to receiving stray radiation because they would not really have time to leave the trauma room for me to take the radiograph, then start CPR in a timely manner.
Then monday, when I finally told him he was too impatient, it was because he would not allow lab personnel to leave the room with the cart they use, and respiratory therapy was actually still trying to attach a bipap machine to this person.
(A bipap machine is a machine that keeps a person breathing, but without an actual tube getting put down the throat into the trachea.)
Not that this matters to very many of you, but the nice thing about LJ is is that I already have this written down, in a public place, where it is time and date-stamped, so that if something comes up later, people can't say I'm just making up stuff.
So my account here, at least temporarily, will become my evidence, in the off-chance that something happens later, and my alibi. With a record of events now starting to be written, as well as the time and date stamped, I have a little hope.
But I still must ask myself... why am I suddenly taking on doctors that think they are God and ubermen?
Is there a fate for me? Am I just angry? Am I irritable from lack of sleep? Does the lack of sex for the past month have anything to do with this?

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