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Today is 02/02/02
Which means it's Ground Hog's Day!!!
Which, in turn, means 6 more weeks of Winter.
And about 4 months of rainy season about to strike.
I'm really looking forward to that... so far, our rain totals are double what they're normally. This is good, because for over 10 years, our lakes have been really low.
I want our lakes to fill up so I can go play on my boat!!!

I already have so many people that want to go out with me and play on the boat. Friends (female) who say they don't care if I see them topless/nude sunbathing. Damn, how'd I get so lucky!? And I'm talking about some really nice looking women, too. They all have boyfriends or husbands, but they still don't care. They don't have boats. I do.

I think that the girl I'm interested in at work is either interested or likes me back. I was planning on asking her out tonight, but we had 2 really bad traumas, and she couldn't take her break when I got off, but she wanted to. But, she works this weekend, so I'll see her again. I feel a wee bit uncomfortable asking her out in front of patients and their families, so maybe if we can get a break together tomorrow night. BTW, she's one of the girls that wants to come out on my boat, too. :) Maybe by then, we'll have been going out and the nudity thing won't be an issue.

Well, it is time for bed.

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