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A letter to Dr. M

You are selfish, egotistical, arrogant, and impatient.
You put on this kind and caring facade, but the mask you wear is askew due to the horns growing from your skull. Unfortunately, there seems to be just a few of us that your mask is translucent for.
You treat us like we are lying at the bottom of a scum-filled pond that the cat-fish won't even eat. You have this holier-than-thou attitude, even to your peers. The biggest problem is that you think you are God. Either that, or you know you are one of the fallen angels and are trying to trick you way back into heaven by wearing your little disguise. If I can see through it, you can surely bet that God can.
You know that saying,
"What's the difference between God and a doctor? God doesn't go around pretending He's a physician." This applies to you so well.
Yes, I too may have horns growing from my skull, but at least I know it. At least I don't put on a false front making people believe that I can save the world. At least not the way you do.
You are such a hypocrit... serving in Vietnam, killing people, and now a doctor trying to save lives. You do not belong in the E.R. You belong in a casket.

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