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States I have visited:

Born in Salem, Oregon. Realized very quickly that the closed-mindedness of most Oregonians wouldn't suit me at all. Moved to California when I was 2. BTW: the correct pronunciation of Oregon is: Or' E gun. For some reason, people like to pronounce the gon like gone. Stop that.

When I was about 9, I went to a family re-union in Kansas. I don't know exactly the route we took, because we went one way, and came back a different way. So these are the states I know we went through. Started in Oregon, then down to Utah. There we got to see the studio where Donny and Marie Osmand did their show (remember, I was 9, and that was back in 1977). I remember Denver, Colorado, pretty well, but I think that was on the return trip. The only thing I remember about Kansas is that we drove for several hours before we got to the city where we were going. It was also very flat. I'm not used to that... wasn't used to that when I was 9, either. I also remember not liking any of the food that was cooked at the reunion. I remember my mom taking us to McSatans, err, McDonalds because we wouldn't eat (we being my sister and me). Funny, I can't stand McDonalds now, and I probably would have loved the food had I tried it now.
I remember Nebraska, but don't know why. It's pretty much the same as Kansas, if I recall correctly. I think I remember it so much because my Grandmother always talked about it. That's where she was born. If I remember correctly, South Dakota is where the Dinosaur "amusement park" thingy is... where you can go and watch people digging up fossilized bones, etc. So if we were in South Dakota, then we must've also gone through either Wyoming or Montana. Doesn't really matter which I say, because I've been to both of those states in my adult life, so even if I say one and get it wrong,I've still been there.
Back through Idaho, and then into Oregon, and back home to California.
Several years ago, my friend Jamie and I took a road trip around the country. Headed to LA, so we could start our trip on Route 66. So, California, Arizona, visiting Lake Havasu and The Grand Canyon. Then through New Mexico, where I finally learned how to spell Albuquerque. We zipped through northern Texas, where we started getting into humid environments. We also stopped off at a barbed-wire museum.
We kept along Route 66 until Oklahoma City, where we also visited the site where Timothy McVeigh blew up the Federal Building. At the time, it was still surrounded by a chain-link fence. At that point, we diverted from R66 to head down to New Orleans, via Arkansas. Luisisna was pretty, but we were really heading into the humidity then. We got stuck in the mud in Baton Rouge, and also some spectacular lightning storms.
After Nawlins, we headed north, through Arkansas again, A brief stint through Memphis, Tennessee, and on up to St. Louis, Missouri. At that point, we got back onto R66 and continued into Illinois and into Chicago. We got into Chicago just in time to watch the 4th of July fireworks show out on Lake Michigan. Other than that, we didn't find Chicago all that it was hyped up to be, so we left a little sooner than planned, headed up to Wisconsin, where we went to the Ringling Bros. Museum in Baraboo. Next was Minneapolis, Minnesota, then to Fargo, North Dakota, across to Montana, then to Yellowstone Natl. Park in Wyoming, along with the Grand Teton Natl. Park. Next came Idaho, then Oregon. Up to washington for a few days to visit a friend in Seattle, then back home into California.
The only other state that I have been in is Nevada, for Burning Man or when I went to Reno or Lake Tahoe (still need to go to Las Vegas).
Not actually a state, but very important to the U.S., is Washington D.C., although, I was only there in the airport waiting for my flight to Germany.

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