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I'm not feeling well tonight. I'm not sure if it's depression, or if I'm just bored out of my skull. I did hang out with my mommy earlier. She had the kids over. I took my nephew to Target and got him a game.
I talked to pyrophilia, she wanted me to hang out... or come over, but I just wasn't in the mood to drive. It's a little hard to do when one of your fingers feels like it's been hacked off. I should've done it anyway... at least I wouldn't have been bored.
I tried calling christina1973, but her phone was off or something, so I just left a message. She was probably sleeping, or gettin' some.
If she wakes up, she'll probably call later.
The cut on my thumb is doing better.
I tried taking off the gauze on my finger to change it, because it started to bleed through. Part of it stayed stuck to the sore, so I just cut around it and put bandaids on it. As the finger heals, it'll reject the gauze lining and it'll eventually come loose. But I didn't want to pull it all the way off, because I could tell it'd start bleeding again... a lot.
But at least I have a little more mortion with my fingers... still hard to type with bandaids on, though.
I bought 3 more DVDs while at Target; Willow, Evolution, and Bill & Ted's Excelent Adventure. I'm watching them all tonight, it appears.
But, as I said, I'm not feeling so hot, so I guess that's okay.
"If only He'd just let us jerk-off!"

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