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Things went pretty okay at work today.
I didn't call in sick because of my sliced fingers. I was tempted to, though.
My ring finger is completely wrapped in guaze... just a band-aid for my thumb.
Everyone who saw me today was "Oh my... what happened?" Do they really care?
I started getting a few laughs when I told people that I was juggling knives or that I stuck my hand under a lawn-mower.
When the 7 o'clock crew came on... the ones who saw me last night when I had to go in, they all just kind of looked at me like I was crazy for coming into work.
My friend just looked at me, shook her head and smiled in a "You silly boy" kind of expression.

Speaking of which!!!!!
I didn't officially ask her out. But I did mention that a bunch of people are going to Rocky Horror Picture Show next weekend in Oakland. I asked if she wanted to come along. She can't this time, but she told me to tell her the next time I plan on going... so I guess that's a good sign. She's never been to the theater to see it... so she's a Rocky virgin! But, it sounds like she knows quite a bit about the movie.
I couldn't help but ask her to the show... it actually came up quite innocently--I don't remember exactly how. Then I found out she had next weekend off and told her that several of us were going, and did she want to come along too? She can't... she'll be in the Redwoods--her first time there. But, as I said, she told me to tell her the next time I plan on going. I don't have a plan to go again. :(
Well...maybe lunch or dinner sometime.

I know I know... don't tell me... I'm moving a little faster than I wanted to, too.

Well, not really... We're not actually going out yet.

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