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What a night...
I come home from work, first thing I do when I get home is slice up a couple of my fingers. So back to the ER I go, this time as a patient, not a care-giver.

The RN taking care of me? The very same one that I'm interested in.

I'm guessing that she probably realizes/suspects that I'm interested... because everyone was coming in and saying stuff like, "You know, it would've been easier just to ask her out." I think it embarrased her more than it did me.

Earlier in the evening, when I was still working, and not a patient, we had been talking about how long "it" has been. She started it... swear to God.

So, I guess she can pretty much figure out that I'm interested... after all, if it was that obvious to everyone else, she had to have picked up on it as well.

Okay, I'm getting real tired of typing 1-handed... and with my left hand, no less.


I think I'm just going to go to bed.


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