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Okay, networking problems are all taken care of.

Had I known it was so freakin' easy just by using the Windows XP disc, I wouldn't have had to pull out all my hair... figuratively speaking.

I'm happy now. Not only are the computers networked, but also all the folders on each computer that I want to be shared.

*bounce bounce*

I think I will go ahead and start editing some of the black-light body painting pictures that I took of pyrophilia, projectx, and christina1973's bf. Then I will upload a few, and put them in some of the communities. Probably here, too. :) Yes, there are also pics of me.

Now we just have to get christina1973 to pose for some shots. She's not too interested in the body paint. And she's hesitant about posting them online, so if she says no, you don't get to see her... neener neener.

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