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Just got back home from dropping projectx off at the airport and pyrophilia at home. Had to be up at 5 this a.m. Ugh...
Today's the last day of my vacation. All I want to do is crash.
It was a good vacation. Selene and Cody were here the whole time. We met up with friends, or had them come here. The last two days were the worst only because of how early we were trying to wake up to get ready for today.
5 a.m. is usually about the time I go to bed, not wake up. We all had severe insomnia last night. Went to bed at 10, but at midnight, we were all up talking again. Tried to go back to sleep, and I could hear both the girls tossing and turning. I've had insomnia for a very long time, so it was nothing new for me... but Cody usually falls asleep almost instantly. Not sure about Selene, though. The hours we were keeping were different than what she's used to, but I have a feeling that because she normally goes to bed early, that staying up as late as we did was not normal for her, so the insomnia there wasn't helping. (Not that insomnia helps anything in the first place.)
I'm just rambling, so if none of this makes sense, it's just because I'm still tired. I did get a short nap at Cody's, though, so I'm better than I was.

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